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Music is the most common thing in our lives. Become anywhere, no matter what language they are talking about, music is universal.  Music has an invaluable impact on body and mind.

We are organizing these evenings to get together and enjoy a concert, a musical evening. Intimate media, a direct atmosphere await for you with more intense experiences. Sometimes you should leave well-known places and get closer to both the artist and the music; so even those songs that have been heard a thousand times can surprise you.

Here is no predictability, the minute-accurate, pre-envelopable song. The night is about you and your feelings.

Hearing music brings deep emotions in us.

Together we search for your memories through the music. We will find the way and the conversation that unfolds. The intention is to recognize, accept and share your emotions. This evening we get that kind of experience all of us that can not get anywhere else.

The most relevant questions in this evening: 

Enjoy your preferred stlye

What kind of musical area did you grow up? Do you like the music of 60's- 70's - 80's or later period?

Listen to your favourite songs

Which songs do you want to hear again and again? What are these songs bring you?

Dive into your memories

What event/events is/are related to these songs in your life? What happened there?

Let your emotions break out

What kind of musical compositions do you feel your tears and emotions arise? And what kind of emotions do you feel?


  • Feel free to open yourself up in the group for sharing your feelings.
  • Have a good time together between 20:00 and 23:00 on the 4th Friday evening of each month. 
  • Iincluding a welcome drink (glass of wine 0,25 cl / can of bear 0.33 cl / soft drink and water 0.25 cl)
  • More concurrency coupons can be purchased for € 2 each
  • 10 Eur / person

Everyone who has an instrument or loves art is welcome to enjoy!

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