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Try our devised activities to explore Malta. Things you may never have done before and must try it – at least – once. You will have new experiences through the activities organized by us. Be challenged by our leisure activities and get the best out of yourself.  Experience that you were not aware of what you could do and find the balance between your heart and your mind. 

Victoria Lines Tour

Spend some hours in the nature, discover the original english Victoria Lines and in the meanwhile be inspired by your guide. The day is not only about the history of the military line but the way how you see the path of your life.

Join us on our daily trekking through the original British Victoria Lines and discover your braveness. 

Change your view

Look at the birds as they tighten their wings and fly into the freedom bravely, enjoy the air. Let yourself open and imagine that you are that flying bird. Open your eyes and face with the spectacular view what you have, and peep through the gate of opportunities.

Maybe you already thought about how fantastic feeling to be free. Let’s try it, and enjoy this daily program with us.

Create from your soul

Enjoy as the miracle of nature grab you and let your creativity open. Drawing, painting, poetry – all just small part of the creativity which visible by you. That is more interesting as you can see, how to approach the situations and how to search for the solutions.

In this program you can realise how talented you are. You can use your fantasy, and try your abilities.

Higher connections

The music night is about you and your feelings. Let the music to has an invaluable impact into your body and your soul. Be part of a unique experiment, which grab you and has an influence into your deepest self.

If you love the music, you can join us for this lovely evening program to listen, to sing, to enjoy the tunes.  

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