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If you want to enjoy your time in a very comfortable home and make unforgettable your  staying in Malta, you are in the right spot. We are pleased to show you what kind of programs and services you can get from us, as your hosts of Warm Home Malta. Come and have a look how many self-catered accommodations and special programs we provide you.


Enjoy plenty of our leisure activities and take home your fantastic memories as a treasure of a lovely experience in relaxation and excitement.  

Well located

Your perfect staying you need warm, well-equipped cozy rooms or apartment, in a perfect location to reach the relevant parts of this island.


Join us and discover this beautiful, sunny country in a particular way. We compiled you special packages to fill you up as much as we can.

Warm Home Malta Programs

And what kind of programs can you choose during your staying in Malta? Come and have a look how we want to make remarkable your travel. Our mission is to take care not only of your body, of your interest, but to nurse also your soul. Our programs are about your complete existence: your body, your mind and your soul.


Take your individual program, choose from our trekking tours, creativity program, freedom day, or music evenings.

Travel friendly

We can organise your boat, quad, jet trips or horse programs thorought our partners for a reasonable price.


Enjoy your relax time, take care of your body and go to a massage, a manicure, a body shape program or a yoga.

Why we like - and you will also like Malta

Malta is like a little magic box. The smallest country in the EU, however: a week is rare to discover. If you look around carefully you see countless faces of nature. Rocks, cliffs, sandy beaches, cities with a style of previous centuries and modern trading and cultural areas.

The island is full of life: lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and barbecue spots on the beach. Its Mediterranean ambiance offers a bustling life, while you can go to the streets of the tortuous points.

The crystal clear sea, the rocky coastline, the sandy beaches and the small caves  are real attractions. Besides Malta is a huge museum where the air is passed through history and legends. Its 7,000-year history has offer a wealth of historical, cultural, architectural, and sight-seeing programs.

Nevertheless, Malta is a bare, rocky island, where are no mountains or rivers, yet it shows its own beauty and special charm. Orange and lemon trees, flowering rhododendrons, olive trees and thousands of other plants lurk along the roads.

Dry, hot summer and mild, humid winter is beneficial not only for plants, but also for people’s mood. Especially since the number of sunny days is over 300.

The Mediterranean atmosphere is captivating, and the people here are lazy and tedious. Though they are temperamental, as they gesticulate, talk loudly, and often cling to each other. They are very friendly and rarely  argue really. Their second language is English as their secondarily mother tongue, which making easy the communication with them.

These are mainly also the reasons why we selected this country as our new home. So we really feel this island and our apartments Warm Home Malta.

 Thank you to have chosen us as your partner for your recreation time.  Wish you a wonderful vacation full of experiences as we want to make your holiday a truly memorable stay.

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