Create from your soul

Through creation, you can experience the feeling of happiness. That helps you to find same feeling in other parts of your life. You can reach the positive emotional status which is generating positive feelings. Like joy, pride, hope, love, gratitude, satisfaction, interest, excitement, inspiration, motivation. 

In a happier state, creative thoughts, ideas are coming easier, and gives you energy to solve more complex problems. When you develop your creativity you get a higher level of happiness. By expanding your creativity, you learn something new that gives experience and improves into your life. 

Your creativity develops most when you are in a positive emotional state. When you feel good, your thinking is soaring. You give bigger space to new ideas, new opportunity to develop different solutions, to try new things,  to act differently. 

On our half-day creativity-driven activities, we focus on how to ‘Discover your creativity’. We spend our time in rest and let our creativity manifest in the most obvious form for us. This can be anything: taking a photo, writing a fairy tale, making videos, creating a natural collage or even working out ideas. Just free up yourself. Discover what your creative expressions are.

What will this creativity program bring you?

Find your harmony

Creative activity helps you to find spiritual harmony. You can reach more balanced, more satisfied, happier, more productive life.

Go with the flow

When you really deepen in a creative activity, you become a state of consciousness that is comparable to a sense of happiness.

Be more conscious

The expresson of art give you a new way to shape your hidden or hard-to-express feelings in a more tangible, tactile and accessible way.

Feel your security

Through creativity you can better handle your troublesome thoughts, you will be able to silence your mind, and learn to turn it off.


Did you know that innovative, enterprising people are happier?
So, let's find your creativity and be happy!

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