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If you need a transport from / or to the airport, you can fill-up the taxi booking form. We confirm your order, and the taxi driver will wait for you at the airport. 

We are very glad to show you some of our programs and make you excited about your upcoming travel time. 

Choose one of our program suggestions and get the most out of your time here in Malta.

boat trips

Boat trips, quad and jeep tours, sightseeing buses

Take a nice adventurous trips on or around the islands by boat, quad,  jeep or hop-on/hop off buses. There are so many picturesque parts what you must see. 

In these program you will enjoy the beauty of the sea, the coastlines and the nature. Go and have a look what we can offer.

Inner peace and connections

You are coming to Malta to enjoy your time, get a lot of adventure and have your rest. In our half-day programs we go to beautiful spots. We speak and make practice to get closer to your own inner world. 

Get a really fantastic time not just enjoying the outdoor activities but also consider the wishes of your soul. Here is the time to take care not only of your body and your mind but also of your heart. 

sabatica program

Longer terms in Malta

When you need time to consider the situations in your life or just recreate your new period, just take a brake and find out who you are. Come to Malta and enjoy the time here with us.

Start your new life here, in Malta and connect to the nature to find your deepest wish. Here you can see your life in another way and find your way to go on somewhere else.