When you come to Malta, this zoo probably not one of the most famous attractions, but every time when our guests ask about the programs here, we always mention L-Arka ta’ Noe animal park.

Located in the outskirts of Siggiewi, L-Arka ta’ Noe is only 15 minutes away from the Malta International Airport.

It is perfectly located to get you away from the busy touristic areas of the island and gives you the opportunity to visit Malta’s country side. Apart from the vast range of animals that the park has to offer, one will also enjoy the numerous amount of trees and greenery.

Family program in L-Arka ta’ Noe

For those traveling with children, this friendly little zoo is provide an extraordinary break and an eternal experience. Arriving in the park, which also has a great parking space, we are immediately greeted by monkeys and parrots. Given that this small zoo is not very well known to tourists, the visitor can be sure that it does not have to be crowded.

When you buy a ticket, you have the opportunity to buy a zoo snack, which is a great experience for the kids as well. This is a privately owned zoo whose dreamer is Anton Cutajar who worked hard for many years to create this park what we know and love today.

In the beginning he started this magnificent park with only a few animals, after he decided to open it for public to let Malta’s people and tourists from all over the world enjoy his creation.

What we personally love about this place is that we don’t feel as bad during our visits as we’ve experienced in other zoos so far. We do not feel that the animals are suffering or not being properly cared for.

The park is beautiful, green and very well cared too.

What you can see here?

In L-Arka ta ‘Noe, healthy and happy animals often give birth to offspring.

From little bunnies to huge tigers live a wide variety of animals here, donkeys, horses, kangaroos, lamas, deer, goats, sheep. Chickens and ducks walk around freely while we can admire the animals that live here and of course feed them. Our personal favorite is Jimmy the Zebra, who is not only beautiful but also very friendly. Leopards and huge tigers are the main attractions.

You can easily spend 2 hours here in the fresh air, and after that you have the opportunity to rest and have a lunch or snack as the zoo has it’s own restaurant. You can chose traditional Maltese food, or salad, pasta, burgers, as you wish.

How can you get there?

By Bus
Closest Bus Stop – Kircippu on your way to the park & Zmetta on your way out of Siggiewi
Please note that the park is a 15 minute walk away from the mentioned bus stops.

62 from Valletta, Direction: Siggiewi

109 from Bahrija, Direction: Providenza (Passes from Rabat)

209 from Mater Dei Hospital

By Car
Follow the signs from Siggiewi bypass(Triq Mons Mikiel Azzopardi). Signs start from D.E.S Stationary on the left side of the road;
Enter Triq Ferdinard Hompesh,, turn right to Triq Salvu Curso and keep going down to Triq Karmenu Vassallo.
Keep driving down until you see road sign Triq Bur ix-Xewk.

Large private parking space available at the back of the park; enter through the main gate and follow the signs.

Wish you a lovely time and enjoyable moments in the L-Arka ta’ Noe Animal Park.

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