Hearing the word ’meditation’ many people tend to think about something mystical. Indeed, the activity forms part of the East Asian Cultures where it applies as a way of a spiritual growth. It has appeared in Western social practices as an adaptation of the Eastern thoughs. In fact meditation is originally a practice to train attention and awareness with reaching inner peace at the same time.

In the stressful and materialistic Western world meditation has established rather to help you release frustration. Beside to discover yourself or learn more about yourself with also find your way in life if you need to. Even if you feel happy and satisfied with your life you may find inspirational to take a brake sometimes. Just let yourself become absorbed in your thoughts or simply in the beauty of the moment.

Vacation meditation

Meditating during your vacation can provide you an exceptional experience. Traveling put you in a different state of mind. The unusual places you stay while meditating definitely intensify the impact of the activity. So do not regret dedicating a few tranquil hours to meditation! Find an isolated spot where you seem to be undisturbed. Just feel the beauty of the view or the atmosphere of the place and enjoy the impression.

Here are some ideas where you can discover mellow spots in Malta. Make you feel your meditation experience complete and truly inspirational.

Sa Maison Garden

This small, rustic-style public garden is a true secret treasure in Malta. It is located surprisingly hidden near Floriana. It’s quite close to Valetta. It looks pretty easy to reach even for those who do not want to take long walks to find a silent place to meditate. The place that used to be home to a hunting lodge once, now is ’the forgotten garden’ that may refer to the fact that this is exactly what you need. The park itself shows a rather unusual arrangement with its five terraces. There are different levels offering various lookout points with amazing view over Valletta, Floriana, Marsamxett harbour, Ta’ Xbiex Marina and beyond. It is quite possible that you will be the only visitor in the park. It gives you the chance to explore and enjoy the garden’s picturesque sites by yourself and select the most self-forgetful spot for meditation.

Victoria Lines

This epic walking trail is said to be the most popular in Malta – especially during the mild off season months – and it does have a good reason why. The route follows the old line of fortifications, streching 12 kilometres across the island from coast to cost, winding through hills, valleys and villages. In spite if its popularity do not expect to meet many other hikers, some sections look relatively abandoned and walking along the trail you can enjoy the peaceful Maltese countryside in its entirety.

For meditators it seems to be a true paradise! It is filled with numerous points with scenic views, lovely chapels, caves and tombs. They provide an environment inspiring enough to interrupt your walk. The isolated Bingemma Chapel boasting beautiful country scenery and radiating an authentic atmosphere. The highest point of the trail is The Top of the World. You will have a stunning bird’s eye view of the beautiful coasts. The cliff-top above the picturesque Fomm ir-Rih Bay, just before the path ends in Bahrija can also be a good choice together with the bay itself, however, it is required a bit of practice in mountaineering to reach.

In-Niffied Caves

If you are ready for some challenge and do not mind making some effort to visit a truly fantastic, almost magical place, you’ll love this little seaside spot with an amazing sea cave roughly halfway between the Blue Grotto and Ghar Lapsi. In order to get there, leave the Hagar Qim Temples, follow the path leading to the Tal-Ħamrija coastal tower. Then start climbing down the slope which guides you all the way to this beautiful, secret bay. Ensure that the weather allows the hike as the last part of the trail may remain slippery or muddy after a rainy day. Despite all possible difficulties, once you reach the water you’ll surely become enchanted by the atmosphere of the place. The cave majestically surrounds you, whilst the rock wall itself looks magical reflecting in the water. Listening to the sound of the sea waves beyond, does not take long to completely forget the outside world.

Ras id-Dawwara

Some people prefer high spots for meditation. Sitting on a mountain peak or on a cliff-top definitely gives you the feeling of being on the top of the world. In the meanwhile you enjoy the sense of peace far away from the stressful, vibrant world below. In Malta you cannot find mountainous area. The western coastline of the island with its high cliffs sheering into the sea compensates the lack of high mountains.

The picturesque cliffy coastline includes the Blue Grotto and Dingli Cliffs can be a good idea completing the cave boat tour with a few peaceful hours of meditation. Ras id-Dawwara on the northern part of the coast, near Rabat may turn out to be a perfect fit for your practice. The infinite sea in front of you, the incessant, rhytmic movement of the sea waves deep down and the sounds of the nature around you create the atmosphere of serenity for your meditation.

Malta is a kind of healing island. Its inspiring, magic energy has already helped many people establish their inner peace, improve their self and develop their intuition. Take advantage of its supportive environment!