After an exhausting day packed with experiences you can deservedly reward yourself with a breathtaking moment at any of our beautiful sunset spots. On such a small island like Malta it does not matter where you are when the nightfall catches you. It looks quite easy to reach a perfect spot to watch the orange-hot sun falling below the horizon. However – as it is said -, do not leave your perfect snap to chance!

It may be hard to point the most stunning sunset spots as the island has plenty of them. We now share some unique places with you where a special atmosphere or view highlights the natural sunset colors.

Obviously, the most popular venues offering impressive twilight sceneries are located on the coast. The entire Western coast seems to be an endless sunset-watching point. Let’s just start with some sunset spots on that side.

  1. Għajn Tuffieħa – an unspoiled paradise

This secluded corner is ranked among the top locations to admire an amazing sunset in the Maltese Islands. The bay itself is flanked by two of the most popular beaches. Being the smallest, the wildest and the most romantic of them, Għajn Tuffieħa  offers a truly tranquil environment. It worth spending some relaxing hours there before you start enjoying the gorgeous free spectacle sun performs.

Facing the cca 200 stairs leading to the bay from the car park may get you deterred from climbing down. But once you are there, the spectacular view compensates for all your tiredness. The crystal clear water, and the reddish-sand beach with a typical Maltese fauna make the place a truly attractive venue. If you still have some energy left, you can take a walk up the clay slopes or the rock formations that separate the bays from each other for an even more spectacular setting.

  1. Dingli Cliffs – where the sky and sea meet

Honestly, this is my personal favuorite. If you keen to experience a truly breathtaking panoramic coastal view, visit this area. Standing 200 metres above the sea at the very edge of the cliff. Look over the open sea with a never ending horizon feels awe-inspiring. It makes you feel like staying on top of the world. The dreamlike setting is perfectly completed with a tiny chapel perched on the cliff edge.

However, the true magic is what awaits you in evening time. An unforgettable open sea sunset view can be witnessed from the cliff. The timeless beauty of the glowing sun setting beyond the glistering Mediterranean Sea. Making the sky turn light pinkish orange is something that just cannot be properly described.

  1. Hagar Qim – amid the lost shadows

Still on the southwest coast, majestically standing on a rocky hilltop plateau, overlooking the open sea, you can find the magical temples of Ħaġar Qim. The place has a lot more to give then letting you marvel another stunning coastal landscape or taking a leisure walk among the ruins. It radiates mystery and enchantment. Roaming the paths you can sense the vibes of a long-gone civilization.

If you have a chance to visit this area, make sure to stay until sundown. The darkening blocks of the different shaped ara in front of your eyes. The colorless Mediterranean sea with the blurred outlines of the tiny islet of Filfa  merge into a timeless scene. The sky is slowly turning red, holding the setting sun.  You watch fascinated the play of sunrays among the ruins until they finally sink out of sight over the horizon.

  1. The Red Tower – guardian of Mellieha Bay

The northeast coast look rather flat and much less wild than the other side of the island. Luckily it still offers a few exceptional locations for sunset lovers. The recently refurbished Saint Agatha’s (or more known as a Red Tower) is a good value place to observe one of those beautiful Mediterranean sunset spots. This imposing, red watchtower perched on a hilltop ridge above Mellieha Bay. The original role was to guard the entire northern part of Malta. Nowadays allow us fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea across to Gozo and Comino.

Apart from being a popular hiking destination, there is something magical about heading there particularly during sunset. Its ultimate location provides you the opportunity to be a witness. Witness the beauty of the sun setting on the nearby western cliffs and of the tower itself standing lonely and majestically reflecting the disappearing sun’s red glow on its walls.

  1. Top Of The World – rural vibe

There are not only coastal vantage points to head to before sunset. The countryside also offers countless opportunities for hunters of unique sunset-watching spots. The highest peak on the island called Top Of The World seems to be a most fascinating inland view point that is quite easy to reach from the Victoria Lines. If you long for a peaceful picnic spot off the coast with a very few people, plenty of benches and an exhilarating view of the whole north-side of the Malta island, you will definitely feel amazed by this mellow, less known area.

At daytime a great balance of blue sea and the green land creates a forever memorable scene. Stil the view might be particularly attractive during sunset time. There’s something so utterly enchanting about watching the sleepy Maltese countryside basking in the soft light of the setting sun with all the colors of the nature’s most beautiful event.

  1. Upper Barrakka Gardens – an elegant experience

Valletta is a must for everyone. The charming, always vibrant capital offers beautiful historical sites to see during the day and cozy places to have a drink or dinner at night. The Upper Barrakka Gardens provide a surprisingly calm spot in the very heart of the city. It gives you the way to escape from the crowd and enjoy the magnificant view of the Grand Harbour from the terrace.

And do not miss that magic hour there when the sun is about to set! As Valletta is located on the eastern side of the island, the sun itself cannot be seen from this point but yet, you might be awarded some delightful moments. The sky is turning into all hues of pink and orange, the lights are coming on in the Three Cities beyond the bay while the entire Grand Harbour is slowly descending into night… The scenery that unfolds before your eyes in the sunset glow is really for a lifetime.

  1. Out at sea – a cherry on top

If you have a chance, take a boat tour out onto the water to experience the sunset in its entire beauty! There are only colors, lights and softly moving waves all around you as the orange ball of the glowing sun starts setting and the sky blurs with the sea. Looking back to the coast, the cliffs propose a majectic sight as they absorb the golden brilliance of the descending sun.

So get your hiking shoes and feel free to explore your own most beloved sunset spots!