For me, freedom means soaring. The infinite nature of possibilities, the pleasure of choice, the limitless. Accepting who I am and living my life as I really like to live. Malta provides a perfect framework for this. The sea is far beyond the field of vision of the immensity and the inhabitants tolerant almost everything.

When I go out in Malta, I enjoy the pleasure of doing anything. I have always wanted this free life to let my thoughts fly freely, and to let my dreams come to fruition.

Freedom is the most wonderful feeling we all want to live on. Yet why is it that many do not feel free in their lives?

The biggest challenge is to face our fears

Many of us have their own lives stuck in their habits: they want to avoid change or they are afraid of many things. Their fear is that tomorrow will be a different day than yesterday. They are afraid of the family, the staff, the friends judgement, what will think or say about them. Afraid of confrontation and to show themselves.

To be free means I am myself and I do not want to look like someone else. I dare to draw on the schemes that I have brought from the past. Dare to throw away the programs learned from others, listening to my own inner voice, to build on the newness and accept my emotions.

Szilvia Gurtler, coach, writer

We must learn to take responsibility for our decisions

Part of freedom is that you know what you want and you can decide how, when and whom with. You can take responsibility for the situation you are up to, do not pass it on. When you understand that you create every situation in your life and every decision is your responsibility – you will be free.

How can you live a free life until you can not accept it? Because not enough to know the theory, and to dream, you have to change this knowledge into activity. To stand by, to look at yourself, to do everything that is up to you and to take the consequences of your choices. Do not look for excuses just concentrate on how to do it.

The key of changing is to see the present

The first step you make towards your freedom is when you realize all that is in your present moments. You do not see what you want or what you could, not what it was and what it would be, just exactly you are in the moment right here and now.

If you see that you are somewhere else where you want to be, here is the time to go to yourself. So the next step is to make change.

We live, move and exist freely.

When you still feel locked up, you are limited by yourself, you are experiencing the limits you have created. To make it more visible: imagine a narrow corridor in front of you. When you cling tightly to your certain thoughts, expectations, when you think that something can only be operated in one way or when you think you have no ability to do it, you are in that narrow corridor.

In a time when you believe that you can do everything, you will certainly be able to accomplish anything. The space is widening, the narrow corridor –  which you had been in – disappears and you will finally realize the world around you.

I wish you to pass out of your comfort zone and feel the very different quality of life that freedom means.

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 Szilvia Gurtler

coach, writer