As a creative person we are happier, we have more friends and we live healthier, so usually longer. What does it mean to live as a creative person? It means that we can create new things. But it also means that we can develop, see new connections and we can renew again and again. It is our personal improvement.Creativity therefore does not always have an externally visible product. In general we see people who make something physical: they paint a picture, write a poem, design a new shape. Creativity, however, often has no touchable appearance, it can be merely an internal process.

How creative is the moment when something comes to mind then we call out: I understand! How happy we can be when we see certain nexus and understand the essence of events. We can experience these discoveries and new perspectives as a direct result of our creativity.

How can creativity be exposed?

Creativity is lacking, planning (or making choices) is more difficult and as a result of our choices we get unnoticed in long-lasting repetitive routines / spirals from which we can hardly escape. Certain factors can reduce our creativity, such as smoking, alcohol, high levels of stress, illness and tight deadlines.Of course, there are things that help creativity. So for example: the time that you are alone with your own thoughts  and can look into your own world. To do this, you are calm if you do not deal with the situations that need to be resolved, just sit on a bench in the garden and watch it quietly. New impressions can also create creative ideas.Also big events in your life can inspire to find your creative solutions and choices. If we are in strong emotions, like being in love, dying of parents, challenging situations, or unexpected and suddenly appearing situations where you have to make your decision in a split second.  makes us inventive ingenious, resourceful.

creative person
For these creativity-driven activities we focus on ‘Discover your creativity’ in our one-day program. We give time to ourselves and let our creativity manifest in the most obvious form for us. This can be anything: taking photos, writing a fairy tale, making videos, creating a natural collage or even working out ideas.

 The wonder of the creative mind

Innovate, realize revolutionary ideas with a unique vision, having unconventional opinions, that is the base of a creative mind. Of course, if you have some knowledge and experience, you must use your creativity deliberately to achieve results.

Most people think that only some of us are creative, but the vast majority have relatively few original ideas. Fortunately, more and more scientists refute it, and there is growing evidence that we all have creative ideas. and we are also able to develop our creativity.

The best way to live your creativity is to free up time and go to an inspiring environment. At that place you can find the peace to make contact with yourself and open up to be able to have all thoughts. In this atmosphere we are able to do and make things that we might not have expected from ourselves at first.

In our Creativity program we want to take you into this atmosphere and let you discover which creative things you are capable of.

How to live your life as a creative person?

Creativity has the upper hand if you are in a new situation or if you have to solve a new task. There are many alternative solutions to a problem and you can find ways  a wide range of approaches. The best solutions are often provided by the broadest spectrum view.

The most important principle of creativity is to let go of our mind without any control. Let our sensitivity rise to create exceptional and unusual solutions.

Come and spend a day in nature with our “Discover your creativity” program to try and discover your own creative expression. Look at what you can do with a simple leaf or a few colorful flowers.


Discover what your creative expression means. 

Szilvia Gurtler
coach, writer