Even if you are proud to be an experienced globetrotter, you may often find yourself in a situation of standing in the wardrobe with your open suitcase. Next to you rummaging around in order to pick the most suitable clothes for the trip. After the stressful, overworked period you have now behind, you feel so glad to change your businesslike suit to more comfortable, cool style cloths, yet you cannot afford the luxury of looking sloppy on the photos.

Pack light and have outfits enough

You would like to have some fascinating outfit handy for every occasion. After the regular sightseeings, cruises or hiking trips you never know when you are happen to be invited for an elegant evening program. Your favourite items wouldn’t be left at home for nothing, either… In addition, since you cannot always trust the weather forecast you’d rather be prepared for any kind of weather. Shortly, you’ll end up throwing  every single item in your wardrobe into your bag.

If you pack everything you prefer to take with you just in case you’ll need it, you would depart with at least 3 stuffed suitcase. And how many times has happened to you that even though you’d torturously managed to select finally that much of your belongings that fitted into one bag, once you were back home you realized that you still hadn’t worn at least half of them in the end.

Key for packing light

Being an infrequent traveller or having trouble deciding which clothes of yours to choose to have a full, functioning and fabulous wardrobe. There is a way to select a proper collection of cloths. Still allows you to enjoy a lightweight trip without sacrifying style by taking a simple carry on or backpack with you.

The key to packing well is planning out your trip. There are certain points you should take into consideration. Here is some tricks you could apply that will help you cut down your packing. Besides, it pays indeed to know how to pack lightweight as most of the airlines charge a pot of money for each extra luggage.

Points to consider before the trip

Climate is definitely the first factor that determines the content of your travel wardrobe. Try to gather as much information as you can about the expecting weather during your stay. Heading for a tropical or a Mediterranean country, you are in an easy situation. You do not need to bather packing thick, warm clothes. One light cardigan always turns to be enough for any cooler night. In case of colder or changing weather at your destination, a light waterproof jacket or coat would work. That allows you to dress in layers underneath according to the current weather.

The list of the possible programs and preferred activities should be another important point in mind. Being prepared for an active holiday packed with sporty cloths. If you are going to live it up in a 5 star hotel sipping cocktails by the pool and the most active program will most likely be a short sightseeing, of course, hiking boots stay home and feel free to put some trendy items to your suitcase for dinners.

Either you consider travelling light or are willing to pay for a registered luggage, try to make the most of the space available in your suitcase. The best way to save up as much space as you can is tightly rolling up every piece of cloths. Maximize space and also your bag will look well organized. In addition, do not forget to leave some space for the souvenirs or other things you surely buy during your holiday.

Comfort and practicality

I assume, you would not like to add blister bandages and travel iron on your packing list, would you? Should you agree, do select pieces that are confy and practical to wear during the trip, instead of the most trendy ones. I’m certain you’ll find the right items to maintain the balance between functionality and aesthetics. As for shoes, you’ll surely survive with two pairs only. One for the the hiking trips, another one for the sightseeings or city walks. Put a light pair of beach slippers that may accompany them. Considering about clothing, opting for cotton pieces is the best choice. They are not only incredibly soft so you’ll never feel itchy or uncomfortable but they dry quite quickly.  Also, they do not get wrinkled so you can avoid worrying about ironing during your holiday.

pack light

Combine, mix and match

Although narrowing the number of outfits  looks hopelessly difficult, it is not always impossible. Selecting a few pieces that can really go well with multiple other pieces seems to be a good start. Later you can continue with choosing a color palette to simplify the color combos. Forget about packing for options! It is not the end of the world if you don’t have just the right outfit for every situation. Instead of insisting on taking your favorite pair of pants that go only with one shirt, decide on and stick to a simple color combination of 2 or 3 colors that works for you and compile several different cool outfits. Pick plain-colored bottoms, so you could mix and match them with different tops and with a nice dress. A trendy slinky dress does not take up a lot of space and does not wrinkle.  With a right piece of jewelry it always looks classy.

Try to pick simple style shoes that combine well with the rest of your travel wardrobe. A different pair of shoes can make all the difference to your look. A modestly elegant pair will create a harmonic combination with all of your outfits. Flip flop slippers are considered to be fashionable pieces of all times, just like leather sandals.

A cherry on top: accessories

The devil is in the details so feel free to take maximum advantage of the potential the accessories hold. It may turn out to be particularly beneficial during your trip when fighting with every piece of clothing to fit in your suitcase. Accessories are certainly the smallest part of your belongings and easy to pack. What a great difference they make in your appearance while wearing them. Using statement jewelry or a light, colorful scarf is the simplest way to accessorize your outfit. In case of a beach holiday a sraw sun hat with a unique strip, a trendy beach bag or any special shaped sunglasses can easily be matched to various styles of outfit sets.

Finally take an eternal advise: do not be a maximalist! Worrying about your look can easily destroy your holiday or can prevent you from enjoying carefree your trip. Take it easy if you do not happen to have just the perfect set for every program. The perfect memories you’ll have of the places you visited surely make you forget about the clothing.