The world is a fascinating place and open to everyone with endless beauties and adventures awaiting you. If you long for a unique holiday to explore incredible places, your time is up. Cross the border of your restrictive comfort zone and go off the deep end.

Start planning your next and far more adventurous unique holiday in advance. Take a few little steps to become respectful to new experiences. Let me give you a few basic ideas how to get closer to fantastic, truly special, adventure-packed trip.

Dive into the new culture

Select a country that you feel interesting. All of a sudden you find yourself in a completely new environment where locals speak a foreign language and have a distinct way of life. By learning a few basic words and expressions on their language you can easily start communicating with them: they surely will appreciate your efforts and let you closer to them. Do not feel shy to contact them and you will soon end up with enjoying their company and the diverse culture you are dropped in.

In Malta you have less shock as the second language of the country is English. Look at some useful tips when you come to Malta.

Add a little excitement to your trip

For expanding your comfort zone any new or just a bit scary activity could turn to be challenging enough. Listen what the adventurer inside you says and decide on an activity that you find interesting  and thrilling.

Once you have come to a decision on the activity, try to be prepared as much as you can. There are tons of great ways you can get closer to it: talk to people who have done it themselves, read blogs, watch videos about it or join community traveller groups. Feel free to ask and chat with other members.

Discover your city

Let the city be an open book to be explored. Go where your feet take you or where you catch sight of something interesting. Enjoy the freedom and the joy of discovery. Forget about must to see sights – you may come across them anyway – just roam the city and immerse yourself in its atmosphere. Admire the houses, the street name signs, the shop windows and the randomly found sights, pop in small shops. Have a drink or a cake in charming local coffee shops and watch the animated square or street around you. Once you are home, you can easily look up in the guide book what sights you’ve seen or passed by. There is still a chance to take a guided sightseeing tour afterwards.

city sightseeing

Search for unique holiday programs

A few tailor-made trip, unique holiday program or even just an unusual way of visiting the most famous sights or places can perfectly complete your vacation and also your image of the country. You can enchance the challenge by getting ideas on the internet about unique places, programs or activities in the area and arrange it for yourself.

There are local enterprises specialized for thematic tours or uncommon programs that are aimed to show the lesser known face of the country. Including hidden spots, local activities or hundreds of other secrets of its culture. You only have to find some of these companies and check their offers out. Boat trip to a hidden bay, hiking trip to an isolated, hilltop chapel, participation on a local festival or workshops, visit to a local farm and taste original, hommade products… Just a few examples you can charry-pick from.

Have a look at our special program tips in Malta. 

Do something crazy

The most memorable moments of any holiday seem to be the funny situations that you sometimes might not find humoruous at the moment but once you are home you surely laugh to tears while telling the story to your friends. Do crazy things purposely get involved in comic or just unusual situations:

Moreover, these sort of experiences mainly do not cost a penny and often come spontaneously. The crazier idea you have the greater experience it gives you. Awaken your fantasy and take it easy.

venturesome program

Have fun

No matter, how thoroughfully you planned every single detail of your vacation, things rarely go according to plans. Don’t take life so seriously! This is your holiday and all you have to do is making the most of it, relaxing and having fun. Don’t let unexpected problems or situations destroy your trip. Seize the opportunities that may come your way. Face the challenging experience and even if something goes wrong, try to come up with a prompt solution and change your plans.

It may look difficult at first but the sooner you learn how to let troubles go the closer you’ll get to wave goodbye to your comfort zone and experience a truly unique holiday.

Come and enjoy your holiday in Malta.  

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