Do you still remember to your childhood? When you were running outdoors, collecting the stones, touching the mud, painting colorful rainbows. As a child we are curious, and we also have so many creative ideas that we dare to share shamelessly. For those who still remember how this exquisitely beautiful feeling was, we have some good news: it’s not gone. It is still inside you, but you have to know how to awaken creativity again.

Touch things

Sounds simple, but creative people are feeding that inclination to touch things, do things with their hands. Start to touch things around you sounds simple but you will see how it affects you positively. Touch the bricks, leafs, the mud or the walls in an ancient city. Feel the material and get back to your roots by that, even if the adult in you would say: “ahw, it’s dirty, I won’t touch”. Use your hand, write things down with a pencil again, plant a flower or pick your own fruits in a farm. It is a new but really familiar experience.

Paint something

Many of us know the story of the The little prince. In the very beginning of this book, the little prince shows a drawing to the grown-ups about a snake that swallowed whole its prey, an elephant, and asked them whether the drawing frightened them. The adults said: “Frighten? Why should anyone be frightened by a hat?” They just see a hat and don’t see what the little prince sees.

As the years go by, we are losing our imagination, and we are getting more realistic. To start to paint and draw even in a really simple way, it helps you to release your feelings, your ideas and thoughts, your imaginations. All you have to do is pay attention to yourself.

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Bring some books

Bring some good books with yourself to your holiday, trust me; you will not regret that plus weight! Get an old novel, a fiction or the book you looked at already hundred times but haven’t picked up yet. Mix them up, and don’t panic of the distraction. Our minds wander and it’s not a bad things. Let is wander and let the words stimulate your mind. You will see how new ideas will flow into your mind.

Write a diary

Journaling boosts your creativity in several hundreds of way – health experts swear by. It also reduces stress, and increases your body’s capacity to self-heal. You probably already noticed how many ideas you have throughout the day that fade away.
Start to write down your thoughts, your ideas, even the craziest ones, and how you feel about all. Being consistent, and don’t give up on it. Reading back years later will also help you to realize where you start and how you developed as a creative person and which ideas you actually accomplished.

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