place to stay

What is your preferred place to stay? Hotel rooms, room in a local house or a private accommodations?


Impersonal hotels or resorts may provide you with safety and comfort – not always, though. There you have far few chances to interact with locals and learn abour their culture. You will hopelessly remain an outsider in the country. You are blocked from that logical path that homestay or other family-owned accomodation naturally openes up for you, which leads to the locals. And who else could be a better guide to help exploring the real country and the culture they live in then local people? So get off the beaten path and live like a local! I bet you will enjoy it better than a five star hotel!

Local hosts

Hosts treat everyone like a special guest and you will receive personal attention. They are always ready to help and following their tips about you can discover hidden and authentic spots barely visited by tourist. If you are lucky you may even witness a local event with them or are invited to a special occassion or celebration. Besides, immersion is admittedly the greatest way to learn or practice the language.

Doing homestay offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the place. First of all, private homes are mostly located away from the main tourist hubs. That allows you to see a more authentic part of the country. In addition, you can witness the everyday life and the habits of the family you live with and you may even be invited to their dinner table. Host families love treating guests with tasty, traditional hommade food so you do not have to go reataurant-hunting to taste-test the local delicacies. If you are interested in the local kitchen you will also likely get a glimpse into the secrets of the local cuisine.

Place to stay

If you do not want to sacrify your privacy you can still rent an independent apartment. That sort of accommodation does not let you live as part of a local family. They are self-catered when you have to acquire everything you need all by yourself. Going to the market, buying groceries, looking for restaurants and asking for directions.

Everyday situations bring up various excellent challenges to interact with people and get closer to their culture. Moreover you have your own space to live your private life. In our accommodations you get information like in a hotel still stay in your own. Enjoy your holiday and choose your perfect place to stay in our warm homes.

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